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New cloud jobs
Service Delivery Engineer – Cloud Solutions

Colocation, public cloud, community cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud) and identify optimal implementations based on cost efficiency and GE capabilities....
Job Details
Solutions Engineer Cloud Foundry

They will help define the customer’s cloud architecture, install and configure Pivotal Cloud Foundry on the customer’s Iaa....
Job Details
Cloud Solutions Engineer - 744900

Cloud Solutions Engineer. Proven contributions to cloud technology innovations in open-source or proprietary product....
Job Details
Cloud Solutions Engineer - Employee Consultant

The Cloud Engineer will lead development activity pursuant to final designs for installing, integrating and activating the Agility Platform....
Job Details
Cloud Engineer

Ops, Cloud, Windows, Active Directory, Exchange, AWS, EC2, Chef, Puppet, Automation, Mongo, My. The positon requires an engineer to have a vast working...
Job Details
Smartphone Lab Solutions Engineer 1

Solutions and Regional Engagement (S&RE) is a global team that is responsible for End-to-End integration of emerging technologies in areas of Next Generation IP...
Job Details
Mid-Level Cloud Systems Administrator

SQL) products that support highly distributed, massively parallel computation needs such as Hbase, Cloud. The Mid-Level Cloud Systems Administrator must have...
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IT Performance Architect Houston TX

The candidate must have working knowledge of specific Cloud solutions, mobile and occasionally connected technologies, UNIX/AIX/Linux, Windows, Oracle RAC, SQL...
Job Details
Cloud DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a Cloud Dev. Experience with Elastic Beanstalk, autoscaling, custom AMIs, S3, VPCs, IAM, Cloud....
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Cloud Network Engineer

Cloud Network Engineer. Cloud technologies and desktop virtualization. Northrop Grumman Information Systems is seeking a Cloud Network Engineer to work with our...
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Cloud Computing Career Prospects

Cloud computing is an increasingly important field of IT that involves the shared and location independent use of various types of computer resources, devices, software and data. Users are able to access the cloud remotely rather than having to rely only on their local hardware and computer infrastructure.

Within the IT sector, there has been a lot of debate over the effects that cloud computing will have on the future career prospects of IT workers. Although some people fear that cloud computing will reduce the number of jobs for IT workers, other people believe that cloud computing jobs could actually increase the number of positions that are available. What is certain is that cloud computing careers will significantly change the outlook for the IT sector in the near future. Cloud computing jobs will provide different roles in different locations than the more traditional IT sector. Anyone who is already working in IT or who is considering a career in this sector will need to be aware of, particularly as the number of job descriptions that mention this new form of computing is increasingly steadily. Choosing a cloud computing career is likely to prove advantageous in the future.

The amount of money that is spent on cloud computing has been projected to reach 42 billion dollars by the year 2012. Currently, cloud computing is increasing in popularity, but it is still acting as an add-on to conventional computing more than as a replacement. This means that there are still plenty of opportunities within the more traditional parts of the IT sector. However, it is expected that cloud computing jobs will begin to take over from the traditional IT roles that are currently a major source of employment for IT professionals, as the cloud begins to take one the functions that are currently managed by in-house IT teams. This shift from in-house IT to cloud computing is expected to become more common and important during the next ten years, as companies begin to shift even such delicate matters as their accounting and finances to the cloud.

Cloud computing is still at a very early stage, but it has huge potential for development in the future. New cloud jobs are expected to create an overall increase in the IT job market, but the increasing use of this new form of computing will result in more IT workers choosing a cloud computing career rather than a more traditional IT role. Companies will cut their in-house IT departments, so there will be some job losses, even as the IT sector as a whole continues to grow. Cloud computing will change what it means to work in IT.

Average salaries for cloud computing jobs: $105,000 according to SimplyHired, $108,000 according to Indeed.

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